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Participants should book their flights to Ben Gurion International Airport (near Tel Aviv). The airport is located approximately 50km from the conference venue.


Arrival Information

Transportation from Ben Gurion International Airport to Jerusalem By private taxi or driver.

Taxis to Jerusalem are available outside of the Arrivals Hall (Level G) at Ben Gurion Airport at the approximate cost of NIS300 (around US$90) and the average trip takes 50-60 minutes.

If you would like to pre-order a private driver, please contact the Secretariat at

Note that for private taxis the pick-up point is at Gate 23, level 2 at the airport.


By sharing transfer (seat in a car) – NESHER.

There is a shared shuttle service available at approximately US$20 p/person. Note that there may be a waiting time (till the car fills up). The Nesher stand can be found on Level G as one leaves the arrivals hall at Ben Gurion Airport.


By train

Trains are available outside of the Arrivals Hall on Level G. The trains run every 30 minutes and the journey takes 22 minutes. You need to disembark at the Yitzhak Navon station. From there you need to take a cab to the hotel (short distance).


Departure information

Please check how long in advance you need to be at the airport in order to go through security control and check in. The recommended time is usually 3 hours prior to expected departure flight.


Reservations for a shared transfer – NESHER – can be made via the front desk at the hotel. Note that reservations should be made by Wednesday, latest Thursday as the Nesher office does not operate on a Friday and Saturday.

Taxis can also be booked by the hotel concierge 24/7 – no advance booking is required.

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